Cationic d0/f0 metallocene catalysts. Properties of binuclear organoborane lewis acid cocatalysts and weakly coordinating counteranions derived therefrom

L. Jia, X. Yang, C. Stern, Tobin J Marks

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Reaction of tBuCH2CH(BCl2)2 with LiC6F5 yields the binuclear organo-Lewis acid tBuCH2CH-[B(C6F5)2]2, which can be converted with KEt3RH, followed by metathesis, into the salt [HNnBu3]1{tBuCH2-CH[B(C$-6$ /F5)2] 2H}-. Reaction of this salt with Cp′2Th(CH3)2 (Cp′ = η5-Me5C5) yields the cationic metallocene complex Cp′2ThCH3+{tBuCh2CH[B(C6 F5) 2H} (5), which is a highly active catalyst for ethylene polymerization and 1-hexene hydrogenation. The THF adduct, Cp′2Th-(CH3)THF+{tBuCH2CH[B (C6F5) 2]2H}-, has been characterized by X-ray diffraction.

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Publication statusPublished - Oct 1994


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