Et3NH+Co(CO)4 -: Hydrogen-bonded adduct or simple ion pair? Single-crystal neutron diffraction study at 15 K

Lee Brammer, Melinda C. McCann, R Morris Bullock, Richard K. McMullan, Paul Sherwood

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Et3NH+Co(CO)4 - contains a short N-H⋯Co contact, which provides the closest approach between the anion and cation. Accurate structural characterization by neutron diffraction at 15 K shows the N-H⋯Co interaction to be linear with a long N-H bond length and a relatively short Co⋯H separation (Co⋯H = 2.613 (2)Å, N-H = 1.054 (1) Å, N-H⋯Co = 180.0°). This evidence is consistent with the presence of a three-center-four-electron hydrogen-bond-like N-H⋯Co interaction, though it does not rule out simple electrostatic attraction as the principal driving force behind association of the Et3NH+ and Co(CO)4 - ions.

Original languageEnglish
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Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 1992


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