High-mobility ambipolar transport in organic light-emitting transistors

Franco Dinelli, Raffaella Capelli, Maria A. Loi, Mauro Murgia, Michele Muccini, Antonio Facchetti, Tobin J. Marks

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Organic light emitting transistors (OLET) devices with balanced ambipolar transport were obtained by using layered organic structures. The OLETs, based on two-component layered structures having balanced ambipolar transport and mobility, values as large as 3×10-2cm2 V -1s-1. It was found that the combination with the highest mobility and most balanced transport is obtained with DH4T grown in direct contact with the dielectric. DH4T is characterized by a three-dimensional growth pattern with closely adjacent individual crystallites. Morphological analysis by means of confocal PL microscopy indicates that growth compatibility is required to form a continuous interface between the two organic films. The compatibility is crucial for controlling the quality of the interface and the resulting optoelectronic properties of the OLETs.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1416-1420
Number of pages5
JournalAdvanced Materials
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - Jun 6 2006

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