J. D. Sansbury, G. Carter, W. A. Grant, J. D. Haskell, G. A. Stephens, J. L. Merz, L. C. Feldman, E. A. Sadowski, W. M. Augustyniak, O. J. Marsh, H. L. Dunlap

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Following is the continuation of the list of titles and authors of 58 papers presented: Properties of Ion Implanted Silicon, Sulfur, and Carbon in Gallium Arsenide. By J. D. Sansbury and J. F. Gibbons. Radiation Damage by Implanted Ions in GaAs and GaP. By G. Carter, W. A. Grant, J. D. Haskell and G. A. Stephens. Ion Implantation of Bismuth into GaP: II. Channeling Studies. By L. C. Feldman, W. M. Augustyniak and J. L. Merz. Ion Implanted Junctions and Conducting Layers in SiC. By O. J. Marsh and H. L. Dunlap.

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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1971


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Sansbury, J. D., Carter, G., Grant, W. A., Haskell, J. D., Stephens, G. A., Merz, J. L., Feldman, L. C., Sadowski, E. A., Augustyniak, W. M., Marsh, O. J., & Dunlap, H. L. (1971). ION IMPLANTATION..