Metalorganic chemical vapor deposition route to epitaxial neodymium gallate thin films

B. Han, D. Neumayer, D. L. Schulz, T. J. Marks, H. Zhang, V. P. Dravid

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Phase-pure epitaxial thin films of the YBa2Cu3O 7-δ lattice-matched, low dielectric loss perovskite insulator NdGaO3 have been grown on (110) LaAlO3 substrates by a metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD)/post-annealing process. Amorphous Nd-Ga-O films are first prepared by MOCVD using the volatile metalorganic β-diketonate precursors Nd(dpm)3 and Ga(dpm)3 (dpm=dipivaloylmethanate). Subsequent postannealing affords phase pure, highly oriented [(001) and/or (110) orientations perpendicular to the substrate surface] and epitaxial NdGaO3 films as assessed by x-ray diffraction θ-2θ, ω, and φ scans. Cross-sectional high-resolution electron microscopic images show that the epitaxial growth occurs with atomically abrupt film-substrate interfaces and with coexisting NdGaO 3 (001) and (110) orientation domains.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3047-3049
Number of pages3
JournalApplied Physics Letters
Issue number25
Publication statusPublished - 1992

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