Molecular building blocks for solid-state chalcogenides: Solvothermal synthesis of [Mn(en)3]Te4 and [Fe(en)3]2(Sb2Se5)

Zhen Chen, Ru Ji Wang, Xiao Ying Huang, Jing Li

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Two new molecular metal chalcogenides, tris(ethylenediamine-N,N′)manganese(II) tetratelluride, [Mn(C2H8N2)3]Te4, (I), and bis[tris(ethylenediamine-N,N′)iron(II)] pentaselenodiantimonate(III), [Fe(C2H8N2)3]2(Sb2Se5), (II), containing the isolated molecular building blocks Te4 2- and Sb2Se5 4-, have been synthesized by solvothermal reactions in an ethylenediamine solution at 433 K. The anion Te4 2- in (I) is a zigzag oligometric chain with Te-Te bond lengths in the range 2.709-2.751 angstroms. There is a very short contact [3.329 (1) angstroms] between a pair of neighboring Te4 2- anions. In (II), each Sb atom is surrounded by three Se atoms to give a tripodal coordination. One of the three independent Se atoms is a μ2-bridging ligand between two Sb atoms; the other two are terminal.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1100-1103
Number of pages4
JournalActa Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2000


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