Multiple temperature regimes of radiative decay in CdSe nanocrystal quantum dots: Intrinsic limits to the dark-exciton lifetime

S. A. Crooker, T. Barrick, J. A. Hollingsworth, V. I. Klimov

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The temperature dependent radiative lifetime of electron-hole excitations in colloidal CdSe nanocrystal quantum dots was investigated. The studies reveal an intrinsic, radiative upper limit of approximately 1 micro sec. for the storage of excitons below 2K. At higher temperatures, the exciton lifetimes were consistent with thermal activation from the dark exciton ground state.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2793-2795
Number of pages3
JournalApplied Physics Letters
Issue number17
Publication statusPublished - Apr 28 2003


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