New mononuclear and polynuclear perfluoroarylmetatate cocatalysts for stereospecific olefin polymerization

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Mononuclear and polynuclear perfluoroarylborate, -aluminate, and -gallate cocatalysts for metal-locene-mediated olefin polymerization have been synthesized as trityl fluoride adducts of known perfluoroarylmetalloid cocatalysts. Propylene polymerization experiments using these species as cocatalysts with the Cs-symmetric precatalyst [Me2C(Cp)(fluorenyl)]ZrMe2 reveal a marked counteranion dependence of polymerization activity, product polymer syndiotacticity, and relative [m] and [mm] stereoerror abundance, with the polynuclear perfluoroaryl cocatalysts uniformly giving enhanced product polymer stereoregularity vs the neutral analogues.

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