Phenanthroline decorated by a crown ether as a module for metallorganic polyoxometalate hybrid catalysts: The wacker type oxidation of alkenes with nitrous oxide as terminat oxidant

Jessica Ettedgui, Ronny Neumann

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A 1,10-phenanthroline ligand decorated at the 5,6-position by a 15-crown-5 ether moiety was prepared. Ligation of PdII at the nitrogen atom positions followed by complexation at the crown ether group of a redox active H5PV2Mo10O40 polyoxometalate yielded a hybrid metallorganic-polyoxometalate complex, PdII(15-crown-5- phen)Cl2-H5PV2Mo10O40. This complex was characterized by IR, UV-vis, ESI-MS, and NMR spectroscopy and elemental analysis that all confirmed the hybrid nature of the complex. Pd II(15-crown-5-phen) Cl2-H5PV2Mo 10O40 was used as a catalyst for the Wacker type oxidation of 1-alkenes to yield the corresponding methylketones in essentially quantitative yields using nitrous oxide as the terminal oxidant.

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JournalJournal of the American Chemical Society
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 14 2009


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