Quantum correlation enhanced super-resolution localization microscopy enabled by a fibre bundle camera

Yonatan Israel, Ron Tenne, Dan Oron, Yaron Silberberg

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Despite advances in low-light-level detection, single-photon methods such as photon correlation have rarely been used in the context of imaging. The few demonstrations, for example of subdiffraction-limited imaging utilizing quantum statistics of photons, have remained in the realm of proof-of-principle demonstrations. This is primarily due to a combination of low values of fill factors, quantum efficiencies, frame rates and signal-to-noise characteristic of most available single-photon sensitive imaging detectors. Here we describe an imaging device based on a fibre bundle coupled to single-photon avalanche detectors that combines a large fill factor, a high quantum efficiency, a low noise and scalable architecture. Our device enables localization-based super-resolution microscopy in a non-sparse non-stationary scene, utilizing information on the number of active emitters, as gathered from non-classical photon statistics.

Original languageEnglish
Article number14786
JournalNature Communications
Publication statusPublished - Mar 13 2017


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