Single-stranded DNA and RNA origami

Dongran Han, Xiaodong Qi, Cameron Myhrvold, Bei Wang, Mingjie Dai, Shuoxing Jiang, Maxwell Bates, Yan Liu, Byoungkwon An, Fei Zhang, Hao Yan, Peng Yin

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Self-folding of an information-carrying polymer into a defined structure is foundational to biology and offers attractive potential as a synthetic strategy. Although multicomponent self-assembly has produced complex synthetic nanostructures, unimolecular folding has seen limited progress.We describe a framework to design and synthesize a single DNA or RNA strand to self-fold into a complex yet unknotted structure that approximates an arbitrary user-prescribed shape. We experimentally construct diverse multikilobase single-stranded structures, including a ∼10, 000-nucleotide (nt) DNA structure and a ∼6000-nt RNA structure. We demonstrate facile replication of the strand in vitro and in living cells. The work here thus establishes unimolecular folding as a general strategy for constructing complex and replicable nucleic acid nanostructures, and expands the design space and material scalability for bottom-up nanotechnology.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberaao2648
Issue number6369
Publication statusPublished - Dec 15 2017

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    Han, D., Qi, X., Myhrvold, C., Wang, B., Dai, M., Jiang, S., Bates, M., Liu, Y., An, B., Zhang, F., Yan, H., & Yin, P. (2017). Single-stranded DNA and RNA origami. Science, 358(6369), [aao2648].