Some properties of plasma-grown GaAs oxides

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A review of the present understanding of plasma-grown GaAs oxides is presented. In particular we discuss the results for oxides grown in a magnetically confined low temperature and low pressure oxygen plasma. From measurements (using electron, ion and photon beams) on these oxides an attempt is made to correlate the various physical properties with the electrical properties of these films. It is shown that the as-grown oxides with proper post-growth annealing treatments can have a fixed charge density of about 5 × 1011 cm-2 with a breakdown voltage of not greater than about |±106 V cm-1|. To improve the electrical properties of these oxides an overlay of thin aluminum oxide films is used to form double-layered oxides. Metal-oxide-semiconductor structures made with the double oxides show marked improvements in their electrical characteristics.

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JournalThin Solid Films
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