Stable silver precursor for the aerosol-assisted growth of silver metal thin films

Matthew N. McCain, Sven Schneider, Tobin J. Marks

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Of interest to the aircraft gas turbine industry is the ability to vapor-phase deliver lubricants as an anti-seizure system. Most currently viable lubricants fail at temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius. At high temperatures, silver metal becomes a liquid, and its impressive inertness toward oxygen and lack of solubility in iron makes it a unique lubricant. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) can be used, a process which would utilize silver precursors, either volatile or dissolved in hydrocarbons, that would decompose cleanly, resulting in the deposition of silver atoms. A novel, non-fluorinated, Ag(I) precursor (1) has been synthesized and characterized. Its single crystal structure shows it to be monomeric and pseudo-tetragonal in coordination. Thermogravimetric analysis shows a swift, two-step decomposition to silver metal. This complex is unique in that it is light- and air-stable and results show it capable of depositing silver metal via aerosol-assisted CVD.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication233rd ACS National Meeting, Abstracts of Scientific Papers
Publication statusPublished - Dec 28 2007
Event233rd ACS National Meeting - Chicago, IL, United States
Duration: Mar 25 2007Mar 29 2007

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Other233rd ACS National Meeting
CountryUnited States
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