Thermodynamic properties of the Ni - H bond in complexes of the type [HNi(P 2 RN 2 R′) 2](BF 4) and evaluation of factors that control catalytic activity for hydrogen oxidation/production

Kendra Fraze, Aaron D. Wilson, Aaron M. Appel, M. Rakowski DuBois, Daniel L. Dubois

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Thermodynamic data for hydride complexes of the general formula [HNi(P 2 RN 2 R′) 2](BF 4), 3, which have been reported previously to function as effective catalysts for the electrochemical oxidation or production of hydrogen, have been determined. Values of ΔG o H+, ΔG o H-, and ΔG o H- have been determined for 3a where R = Cy, R′ = Bz, for 3b where R = R′ = Ph, and for the new complex 3c, R = Ph, R′ = B z. In addition, the ΔG values for the heterolytic addition of hydrogen to the Ni(II) precursor complexes [Ni(P 2 RN 2 R′) 2](BF 4) 2, 1a - c, have been determined experimentally or calculated. The data are useful for understanding the factors that control the catalytic activities observed for these complexes and for the design of additional catalysts.

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Issue number16
Publication statusPublished - Jul 30 2007


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